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If you are are thinking of renting your residence or investment property and need  Bend property management or Redmond Property Management  and a competent property manager, call All Options Property Management for a "no obligation" analysis of your rental property. If you want your rental to be cost effective and a property manager that will help you to minimize lost rent and costly repairs, call us and let us work for for you today.
All Options Property Management is a licensed permitted property management company. We enjoy acting as the intermediary between owner and tenants. If you are looking for a company you can easily reach and communicate with, that keeps you insulated from the daily problems of property management, our services are what you're looking for. Through phone calls, e-mail, postcards, letters and statements we keep you informed of the status of your property. Together as partners we will maximize your income, minimize expenses while keeping the property occupied and well maintained. We personally promise you the best in professional real estate service. For many years we have helped investors like you realize the strong financial rewards in the lucrative field of investment properties. Each owner and property will receive individual attention and care that makes us unique.
If you are not currently under contract with another property management company in Bend, OR or real estate company we can begin right away. If you are currently under contract you will need to terminate their services according to your agreement with them. We are happy to pick up keys, security deposits and necessary documents from the discontinued company. At your request we will mail you a complete start up package. Once you have completed all necessary forms and returned those to us we will get started. If the house is vacant you will need to include advertising funds. We will also need a copy of your landlord tenant insurance policy for our records.
Monthly Management Fee is VERY COMPETITIEVE PRICED at:
9% for 1-2 properties managed, 8% for 3-4 properties and 7% for 5-6 properties, and 6% for 7 or more units managed.
Please contact us at 541- 330 - 8373 or e-mail us at for our fee schedule and specific pricing.  
"Saturation Marketing" is our goal for your vacant property in all potential appropriate tenant markets. Each tenant has their own way of locating a home to rent rather by driving around, using a real estate agent, scanning the paper or local publications, no matter what it is we will be there. With the Bend Bulletin, rental signs, brochures, and more importantly our online advertising with up to 50 pictures & a Virtual Tour on your property we'll reach the in and out of town renters. Owners pay only for the text marketing & mobile website advertising per week. Advertising is requested paid in advance. Complete advertising usually runs $25.00 per week, please check with the property manager at time of advertising for current pricing.
Your detailed home information will be on the internet as soon as you sign up for our services!!! All home information includes up to 50 pictures FREE and a FREE VIRTUAL TOUR MOVIE OF THE IN AND OUTSIDE OF YOUR HOME...... giving your property prime exposure to all potential tenants on the internet!! 
It is of the utmost importance to have as many pictures and a virtual tour movie online since 90% of your potential tenants shop around for a rental home on the internet!!
Visit for a sample virtual tour movie.
-All pictures and the virtual tour movie are produced by our in house staff with professional grade cameras so your property information can be put on the internet immediately after you sign up for our services!!!

..... Your potential tenant can use Our FREE Moving truck to move into YOUR RENTAL !!
Tenants while moving with our truck advertise our website with ALL our rental homes (including your rental) on our truck driving around town as a Moving Billboard giving your property unmatched exposure!!!
Also, All Options Property Management has many memberships to professional organizations to assist us in filling vacancies and our owners Ruben Garmyn and Jim Birtola are also owners of "Prudential High Desert Realty" giving our landlords access to many potential buyers who prefer to rent first before they purchase. Your property information will be available on the real estate websites,, which have prime placement on all search engines and are linked to all major real estate websites giving your property the exposure needed  to rent it fast...for top dollar and with the least hassle !!
The majority of families and singles have pets. We prefer to advertise pets are negotiable, so that they will tell us about the pets when they apply instead of trying to sneak them in later. When we present the tenants to you for your approval, we will also tell you about the pet. Each pet will require an additional $200 deposit. If damage exceeding the pet deposit occurs, we will hold funds from security and cleaning deposits. You are in no way required to accept pets, this is completely your decision and we will meet your requests.
We want good tenants as much as you do, it make our job that much more pleasant. It is our goal to obtain the highest qualified tenants. We have defined a preferred tenant profile based on credit, employment and rental or ownership history. A conscientious review of applicants current credit report will assure owner of timely rental payments. All Options Property Management uses Associated Credit Systems, we can access credit within one minute, twenty-four hours a day. Verifying employment will assure owner that the tenant has means to the pay rent. Talking with current and past landlords will assure owner tenants will maintain the property. We make copies of all identification at time of application. Tenants will be presented to you once we have qualified them for your approval. All Options Property Management is a fair housing advocate and does not discriminate against any applicant or tenant based on race, creed, color, religion, national origin, handicap or family status.
All Options Property Management has its own lease agreement computerized for personalization, which is a compilation of local and state leases with additional clauses for the protection of the owner. As most owners will agree we prefer securing a one-year lease, minimum of six months is requested. To begin the lease we will meet the approved tenant on the property for a complete walk through inspection and photographs of the entire property at move to document condition. We will also go over the lease thoroughly with tenant before signing. The extra time we spend with the tenants explaining the terms of the lease has great pay offs. It substantially reduces misunderstandings during the term of the contract. It also gives us a chance to answer questions and concerns and to begin the landlord tenant relationship. Starting off on the right foot is very important to us. First months rent and all deposits must be paid in certified funds. After that the tenant can write a personal check, if a tenant bounces a check they will not be able to write checks after that.
As additional protection for you we require at least half the security deposits in the form of certified funds before a property can be taken off the market. Security deposits are based on the monthly rent with cleaning and pet deposit additional. We offer all deposits as refundable, encouraging tenants to leave the property in good condition rather taking additional time making repairs and cleaning preparing the property to re-rent. Complete instructions to the tenant are included in the lease, instructing them on proper procedure for receiving full security deposit refund, within thirty days after move out as per Oregon law. Proper notice and completion of lease term is a must to receiving security deposit refund. Cleaning, including appliances, floors, walls, yard and carpets professionally cleaned are required minimum to prevent deductions from deposits.  All Options Property Management will compare condition at move out to move in inspection sheet to determine all costs necessary to rectify any damages to property. A complete security deposit disposition report will be completed and forwarded to tenant within thirty days of move out.
Because all tenants do not always pay everything they owe after move out, All Options Property Management has established a relationship with a collection service for owners. This service is available on tenants that  All Options Property Management has managed and has done the move out with. The bad debt from the tenants will be reported. This will hinder to some degree, the tenant from re-renting through another property Management Company or securing a mortgage etc., with a collection to a real estate company on their bureau.
Rents are due on the 1st day of each and every month. Because social security and state check are not received by tenants until the 3rd, we allow a grace period until the 4th. Eviction proceedings begin after the rent is late 7 days. After the eviction process has begun rents must be paid with certified funds, no personal checks are accepted. Rents are also not accepted without late fees. 
Our most challenging job as a manager is not managing the property but managing the residents. Good tenants are the key element to any successful rental property investment. Keeping tenants happy to insure the longevity of the tenant's occupancy is critical. Friendly staff, availability and quick response to questions and maintenance request will satisfy a resident more than anything else we can do for them. We ask our owners cooperation regarding tenant services whenever possible.
We understand your need as a landlord to be kept abreast of property condition both physically and financially. We try to contact you per your instructions to us in the start up package, as to at what amount in maintenance you would like to be informed. On emergency maintenance will use our best judgement on making repairs over you specified authorization amount. Emergency maintenance includes but is not limited to loss of air or heat, water damage, main drain stoppage or electrical problems. Most emergency repairs can be fixed at the time of the service call, some require later bids and replacements such as heating and cooling systems. Over the years we have assembled an excellent array of reasonably priced honest maintenance technicians for every area of repair your property may need. We do not make a profit on any labor or materials for routine maintenance. Our pre-qualified licensed, insured repair technicians may change based on services and prices we are receiving. Prompt attention to maintenance items keeps tenants smiling and prevents minor problems from turning into high dollar repairs later. Any large remodeling jobs, insurance claims, jobs requiring bids, supervision and additional license and reference checking will require an additional fee, this will offset our staff cost to help you through these projects. Should a repair be over $150 we will secure three written bids for you from licensed, insured vendors as appropriate. Per the lease agreement the tenant is responsible for any maintenance that is caused by them or their guests. Tenants are responsible for sprinkler heads, owners are responsible for the system itself. Tenants are responsible for window breakage.
At the time of move in and move out there is a complete written inspection of the property with the tenant. In addition to driving by the property for exterior inspections during the term of the rental agreement. We have a complete interior inspection done each and every year during the term of the lease. This includes photographs inside and out, with a three-page inspection sheet, inspectors comment sheet, and tenant comment sheet. Inspections may also be done on request.
Our desire is to create a clear audit trail of all funds pertaining to each property. All funds are held in a Trust account per Oregon law. An operating statement will be sent by the 15th of each and every month on each property. Our statements are easy to read and understand this really simplifies tax reporting at the end of the year. Copies of all invoices paid will be attached to the monthly statement in the order they appear on the report. Occasionally a statement will be held for a few days because of a late rent payment in order to send you your full monthly rent proceeds.
All Options Property Management is a full service property management firm with referrals available.  All Options Property Management offers referrals for acquisition and disposition of properties. We have a partner with a complete sales and investment staff to help with any of your real estate needs. We offer referrals to loan, escrow, title companies and general contractors.

Our property managers are located in Bend Oregon on Greenwood, a major artery street leading into downtown Bend. You will enjoy peace of mind while we take care of everything. An absentee landlord hardly ever enjoys peace of mind! Complete Property management with experienced property managers in Central Oregon rentals,Bend Oregon rentals,Redmond Oregon rentals, La Pine Oregon rentals, Deschutes Oregon rentals and surrounding areas. Rentals, house rentals, home rentals, property management services, rental properties, rental managers, apartment property management, condo property management, townhouse property management, single family detached property management.

      All Options Property Management 's Fees Includes
Phone Answered 24/7/365
Assistance With Insurance Claims
Tenant e-screening
Monthly  Income and Expense Statements
Verification of Rental History
Bills Paid (From Owner Hold Money)
Verification of Employment
Owner Proceeds Deposited 
Advertising as Required
Eviction Notices
Tenant Indoctrination
Unlawful Detainers
Repair Estimates
Tenant Check-in/Check-Out
Home Inspections as Requested
Real Estate and Mortgage Partners
Listed on ALL major search engines

The Most Important Part of Property Management is Tenant Screening 
That's why we use Associated Credit Systems

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We Rented :
864 Locksley in 1day,61555 Marlece in 3 days,1560 22nd Pl in 10 days
2065 Hill St A In 2 days,923 22nd Ct In 4 days,1848 Jackpine In10 days
20476 Mazama In 1 day, 61179 Brosterhous In 7 days
867 Locksley In 1day .....
"I had my home listed with another Property Management Company in Bend and my house sat vacant for almost 4 months I made a change to All Options Property Management and they had an approved tenant and rented it in 1 day !!  The transition was simple and painless, I simply signed a new contract and All Options took care of the rest.  They even picked up a refrigerator I ordered, installed the ice maker line, and had new blinds installed.  I am an out of State owner, so this is what I call One-Stop Shopping!"
Martha R. Locksley Drive Homeowner"
"We managed our 8 plex ourselves with the help of on site resident managers. When we decided to hire All Options Property Management, we were a bit concerned and skeptical of the results.  BJ stepped in  immediately, sent out notices to the tenants to clean up their mess, collected a few outstanding bills, and had our 3 vacant apartments fairly quick.  We are very happy with the service we receive from All Options Property Management and would refer their services to anyone."
        -Larry and Marge F. Hemlock Owners
"All Options Property Management has been very helpful with our rental properties in Bend.  There are NOT alot of companies around that make a similar effort to effectively manage our homes.  I had my house for rent for month's and BJ rented it in 3 days! Im very glad we made the switch to All Options, and would recommend their service to anyone"  
          -Claudia H. Locksley Dr. Owner 
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To request additional information you can contact us by phone (541) 330-8373 or by e-mail: or write to 
All Options Property Management, 101 NE Greenwood Avenue Suite 120, Bend Oregon 97701