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9 Quick-Fix DIY Videos to Make Your Rental Property Shine!

Chances are, if you own rental properties, you’re into DIY. We’ve talked before about a few affordable ways to update your rental properties , but some interior spaces need a little more TLC.

All those repairs might seem overwhelming, but if you are familiar with basic power tools, you truly can update your property on your own. Here are 10 quick-fix DIY videos to help you do just that!

  • Replacing a kitchen faucet

One of the easiest ways to add beauty, interest, and value to your property is by updating the kitchen faucet. This video even shows you how to install a sink with a sprayer! The technique is the same for other sinks as well, so consider replacing bathroom sinks too.


  • Installing laminate flooring

Laminate is one of the most affordable flooring options. It looks much more professional than vinyl flooring, but it doesn’t cost nearly as much as hardwood flooring. With this video, you’ll want to install laminate throughout your entire rental property!


  • Installing a new countertop

Replacing faucets may be an easy way to update a kitchen, but a lot of renters are looking for classy details that are hard to find in apartment complexes. Install a beautiful new countertop and you’re sure to attract the attention of potential renters for all the right reasons.


  • Refacing kitchen cabinets

It doesn’t take long for kitchen cabinets to look old and dated, but replacing them can be so expensive! Save a little cash and get the look you want by refacing them instead. This video shows you how to do just that, but it also provides you with a few tips you may not have thought of.


  • The best way to paint a wall with a roller

Think you know how to paint a wall? Think again! If you want to make short work of those walls, it’s all about using the right technique. This tutorial walks you through the simple steps to a flawless paint finish with a roller. It’ll ensure that your interior spaces have a professional touch.


  • Installing vinyl siding

What about the outside of your property? Although most people hire a professional crew to install vinyl siding, it isn’t as hard as you might think. Once you know how to do it correctly, replacing single pieces of damaged siding is a lot easier too.


  • Patching drywall

Drywall can really take a beating in a rental property. Replacing drywall is no easy feat either. That’s what makes this DIY tutorial so valuable. Instead of replacing all the drywall in the room, you can learn how to patch the damaged area, saving you time and money.


  • Replacing a broken tile

Tile on the kitchen or bathroom floor is always a good idea, but porcelain tiles can be cracked quite easily. There’s no need to replace the entire floor when you can simply remove and replace the broken tile instead!


  • Installing a backsplash

Interior rental spaces can look quite dull. Although painting the walls a show-stopping color probably isn’t a good idea, you can add a little personality with a gorgeous backsplash. They are great for both the kitchen and the bathroom.

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