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Central Oregon Property Management Isn’t What It Used to Be—Keeping up with the Technological Revolution

Central Oregon property management just isn’t what it used to be, but then again, what is? With the technological revolution underway, the way we interact with the world and other people is changing.

Instead of sending a letter, you can write an email. Instead of heading to the store, you can order something online. Instead of picking up the phone and calling a friend, you can send them a message over the internet. You can even place a call on Facebook!

Not only have computers, smartphones, and tablets completely transformed our personal lives, they have transformed our professional lives too, which means if you want to appeal to tenants, you’ll have to get a bit tech-savvy.

Here are a few tips for Central Oregon property managers on keeping up with the technological revolution.

Accept online rental applications

Gone are the days of paper applications, whether you’re applying for a job or a new place to live. Of course, you can continue to accept paper applications, but make your application available online as well.

Not only are online applications more convenient for renters, they’re better for you too. It’s much easier to file electronic information than it is to file traditional paperwork.

Accept electronic rental payments

You will always have a few tenants who insist on sending in a check every month, but most tenants are looking for a more convenient way to pay rent. Accepting electronic payments is a better way for both you and your tenants to manage payments.

Allow tenants to pay their monthly rent through a portal on your website. This will increase the likelihood that you’ll receive a timely payment. If you really want to make sure you get paid on time, allow them to set up automatic withdrawals. Not only will you get paid on time, these methods also eliminate the need to make a trip to the bank.

Encourage online communication

Receiving a phone call from a tenant can be a bit of a pain. You’ll likely have to take notes while you’re speaking, which can be a real challenge if you’re away from the office. Instead, make it easy for tenants to communicate with you online.

A tenant portal tracks and records conversations, allows you to keep track of maintenance requests, and allows easy access to electronic documents, like lease agreements and notices.

Consider setting up an owner portal too! It allows investors to get the information they need without asking, and it allows you to communicate with them quickly and easily.

Mobile-friendly applications

No matter what forms of technology you choose to use, make sure they are all mobile friendly. There are now more mobile users than desktop users, so mobile-friendly apps and websites are more important than ever. Make sure tenants can access their portal and make a rent payment quickly and easily from their smartphone.

That’s not all you can do with a mobile app. If you really want to be on the cutting edge, use a mobile inspections app that allows you to file away data so you can access it when you’re out of the office.

Although this may seem like a lot of work, technology can actually make things easier for your Central Oregon property management company. Just take things one step at a time and you’ll soon wonder how you ever lived without these amazing technological tools!

Posted by: mountainviewpm on September 15, 2016
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