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How Do You Know If You Should Call Emergency Maintenance?

There are so many benefits to living in a rental property instead of owning a home! That’s why more people than ever before are choosing apartment life over property ownership. One of the best reasons to rent instead of own is the fact that your landlord is responsible for making repairs. All you have to do is give your property manager a call!

However, not all calls are created equal. How do you know if your problem can wait until Monday, or if it’s an emergency call that should be placed after hours?

Electrical problems

Electrical issues are worth a call no matter what time of day you discover a problem. This includes strange electrical activity, like a burned outlet, and no electricity at all in your apartment, but only if it’s not part of a widespread outage due to something else, like a thunderstorm.

Gas emergencies

You should always call if you smell natural gas in your apartment. However, make sure you only call after you’ve determined that all sources of natural gas, like a fireplace, have been shut off.


Any kind of flooding in your apartment should be reported immediately. Whether it’s dripping down the ceiling or it’s a flooded toilet, taking care of the problem quickly is important.

Appliance failure

Certain appliances should be reported immediately as well. The refrigerator and HVAC system, when not working properly, are usually considered emergency situations.

In general, if it’s not life-threatening, or if the problem won’t cause extensive damage to the property, it can probably wait. However, it’s always a good idea to speak with your property manager about what they think deserves an after-hours call.

Posted by: mountainviewpm on November 3, 2016
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