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What Should I Include in a Tenant Handbook?

Does the idea of a tenant handbook scare you? It shouldn’t! A tenant handbook can be something as simple as a single page, front and back, that outlines information that is useful to your tenant. Whether you call it a handbook, a tip book, or something else, there’s no doubt that having one can help establish expectations with your tenants, paving the way for better landlord-tenant relationships.

Here are a few things you may want to include if you choose to provide your tenants with a handbook.

What is an emergency situation?

Do your tenants know when it’s appropriate to call after hours? Unfortunately, there are many situations that don’t require an emergency call, but tenants don’t know it . Create an area of your handbook that outlines what is and isn’t considered an emergency and avoid getting a phone call on Friday night to plunge a toilet.

Cleanliness guidelines

It can be helpful to outline cleanliness expectations, as everyone has a different idea of what clean is. Make it clear that garbage must be disposed of properly to avoid trash piling up outdoors or in common areas. It’s also a good idea to outline the expectations of cleanliness in the apartment or home itself.

Payment expectations

When is a payment considered late? What are the options for making payments? Outlining this information in a handbook can be very helpful.

Having a hard time dealing with your tenant handbook and expectations? We can help! Contact us today and we can provide you with property management services that will make your life easier.

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