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The Coolest Way to Market Your Property—Video Tours

Marketing is an important part of property maintenance. After all, if you don’t market your rental, how is anyone going to know it’s available!

There are a lot of ways you can market your rental property. Setting a sign outside is a quick and easy way to get attention, and posting pictures online is always a good idea, but there’s no cooler way to promote your property than by using video tours.

What is a video tour?

If you’ve been in the property management business for a while, you’re probably seen those fancy 3D walk-through video tours. Those are pretty cool, but they can be difficult to create if you don’t know what you’re doing.

A video tour doesn’t have to be so high-tech. When a unit is clean and ready, simply do a slow walk-through with a video camera or your phone, highlighting areas of the apartment that would appeal to renters the most. You don’t even have to speak! Then, upload the video to YouTube and add the link to your listing.

Why bother with a video tour?

Creating a video tour is a little extra work, so you’re probably wondering why it’s worth it. Well, it provides a better representation of your apartment, which in turn means it will do a better job of attracting tenants—tenants that are more likely to sign a lease than ones simply browsing photos online. It can ultimately mean less marketing work for you!

Need help marketing your property? We can help! Just give us a call and we’ll get the word out about your rental.

Meta Title: why your bend rental needs a carbon monoxide detector

Meta Description: You know about fire detectors, but do you know about carbon monoxide detectors? Here are a few reasons why one needs to be placed in every Bend rental.

Why You Need to Have a Carbon Monoxide Detector in Your Bend Rental

Everyone understands the importance of installing fire detectors properly in every single residential and commercial building, but do you understand the importance of carbon monoxide detectors? They definitely need to be placed in your Bend rental. Here’s why.

They can save lives

Carbon monoxide poisoning isn’t very common, but it can be deadly. That’s because it’s completely colorless and odorless, and death can occur after just 15 minutes of exposure.

By placing a carbon monoxide detector in your Bend rental, you’re giving your tenants a chance to get out at the first sign of this deadly gas. Each year, around 430 people die from carbon monoxide poisoning, and nearly all of these deaths could have been prevented with the help of a carbon monoxide detector.

It’s the law

Preserving life is a convincing reason to install carbon monoxide detectors, but it isn’t the only reason. In the state of Colorado, it’s the law.

After a series of tragic deaths, a bill was created and became effective on July 1, 2009. It requires all residential property owners with homes that are heated with fossil fuel, have a fuel-fired appliance, have a fireplace, or have an attached garage to install carbon monoxide detectors near all bedrooms.

Fortunately, installing a carbon monoxide detector doesn’t have to be difficult. You can even find combination fire and carbon monoxide alarms!

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