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Facebook for Property Managers

Facebook isn’t just for individuals anymore. It’s a great tool for businesses. As a matter of fact, businesses that use Facebook are six times more likely to exceed their quota. In the property management world, that means filling your rental properties faster, and saving money by making sure your tenants take care of your property while they live there.

You should definitely start a Facebook page, but what should you put on it?

Post important information

A great place to start, especially if you’re feeling a bit unsure, is to start posting important information and reminders on your Facebook page. A few things you can consider posting include:

  • A tenant newsletter
  • Rent reminders at the end of the month
  • Policy reminders
  • Seasonal tips
  • Vacancies
  • And more

If it’s something you want your tenants to know, put it on Facebook!

Build a community with your tenants

Building a community can make life for property managers and tenants more enjoyable, and one easy way to do that is with a Facebook page.

Don’t be afraid to interact with your tenants online. Ask questions of your tenants to get their feedback, and answer the questions they post on your Facebook page.

You can also have a little fun by planning special events and posting the details on Facebook. You can even encourage tenants to RSVP so you know how many guests to expect!

Don’t be afraid to get started, even if you start small. You’ll soon find that having a Facebook page can be a lot of fun for you and your tenants!

Posted by: mountainviewpm on June 2, 2017
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