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The Best Way for Bend Property Managers to Deal With Overnight Guests

Bend property managers go to a lot of trouble to create a clear lease that outlines the expectations of each tenant. The trouble is, your tenant may not be the only one staying in that unit. It isn’t uncommon for tenants to invite friends and family to stay with them in their apartment.

It’s true that in most cases this isn’t a problem, but there are plenty of horror stories out there about Bend property managers being left in the dust because of a visitor or a new boyfriend who overstayed their welcome.

Is there anything you can do about it?

Include overnight guests in the lease

The best way to prevent future problems is to include information about what is and isn’t acceptable in the lease. Be as clear as possible.

For example, most property managers won’t mind letting tenants have a visitor stay with them for a few nights, but long-term guests are a no-no. You might state that one or two guests can stay for 7 consecutive nights, but anyone staying longer than that needs special permission from you.

The information you include in the lease is completely up to you. If you’re uncomfortable with 7 days, make it two or three. Just make sure that whatever you decide complies with local and state laws.

Address subletting

Subletting is a completely different situation than a simple guest. Sometimes tenants are unable to stay for the duration of their lease, which means they have to find someone to take over the lease for them. This can spell disaster if you aren’t informed. Make sure you outline your expectations for subletting in the lease.

Don’t forget to address temporary paying guests! Airbnb is becoming quite popular. Many Bend property managers are completely forbidding this type of sublease. Whether you’re fine with it or not, it needs to be outlined in the lease as well.

Take action quickly

Even with a lease that details the expectations for guests and subletting, you may find that a tenant has disregarded the rules. You may be tempted to sit back and see how things play out, but that’s just asking for trouble.

You need to take action quickly. It doesn’t have to be overly confrontational or negative. As soon as you find out someone else is staying in the unit, ask your tenant about it. You may find out that they’re having a family member stay from out of state, which shouldn’t cause any long-lasting problems.

If you discover that the new “tenant” is a boyfriend or girlfriend, ask the guest to fill out a lease of their own. Sometimes even just reminding the tenant of the details in the lease agreement is enough to help them make sure their guest finds a new place to live.

Be tough if you have to be

For every story of a positive resolution, there’s a negative one as well. Because you don’t have any control over the types of guests that your tenants invite to stay overnight, you may end up being unpleasantly surprised to hear about noise, damage, and more.

Deliver a written warning to your tenant for each violation. If the problem isn’t solved, begin the eviction process. Your other tenants, and your property, will thank you.

You don’t have to deal with unwelcome overnight guests on your own. Keep your property safe and comfortable by allowing our Bend property managers to help. Just give us a call today!



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