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How a Central Oregon Property Management Company Can Help You Make More Mo

There’s no doubt that a Central Oregon property management company can make life easier. The trouble is, hiring one is expensive! Or is it?

It’s true that you’ll be paying your Central Oregon property management company, but they’ll actually end up saving you money. Here’s how:

Correctly identify market rent

There’s an art to establishing and raising rental prices. It’s an art form that takes knowledge, skill, and practice. Unfortunately, most landlords don’t have the resources or knowledge to price their rentals appropriately. Usually that means they’re underpriced.

A professional Central Oregon property management company knows how to price rental properties perfectly. That means you’ll ultimately get more money when the rent checks start to roll in at the end of the month.

Save money on evictions

It’s true that a professional property manager will make sure you get your rent on time, which results in more money, but they can help you save on evictions too.

How long will a tenant go without paying? If you hire a property manager for the job, the eviction process is usually timelier than when a landlord does it on their own. A timely eviction enables you to flip the apartment quicker and fill it with a tenant who is willing to pay on time, resulting in more money.

That’s not all. A Central Oregon property management company can help you save on maintenance, marketing, and more! To learn more about all the ways a property manager can help you make more money, give us a call today.

Posted by: mountainviewpm on June 15, 2017
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