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A Few Reasons Why You Might Want to Live Near a College Campus, Even If You Aren’t Attending

It makes sense why college students would want to live near campus, and on the surface, it makes equal sense that others would want to avoid college campuses like the plague. However, there are some surprising reasons why you might want to live near a college campus after all, even if you aren’t attending.

The area will be well-maintained

Apartment complexes can be notoriously bad for taking care of the exterior of the property. It isn’t uncommon to see trash piled up outside or out-of-control shrubbery outside a rental home. That isn’t usually the case in a college town.

The campus itself is well-maintained, and it usually permeates into the neighborhoods near campus. Plus, there is usually plenty of well-maintained greenspace near college campuses, which means you may actually enjoy the view outside your window.

It’s usually safer

It isn’t uncommon for college campuses to hire security to patrol the area day and night in order to keep the students safe. By living in the area, you can take advantage of this additional layer of security as well.

The area is built for pedestrians

If you like walking, or if you don’t have a car, a college campus may be a good place to live because they’re usually built for pedestrians. Not only are there plenty of sidewalks, there are usually plenty of bus routes that stop frequently in the area.

With these reasons, it may be well worth your time to check out that university property after all!

Posted by: mountainviewpm on September 6, 2017
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