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3 Convincing Reasons Why You Should Move in the Winter

No one likes to move. It’s a huge hassle. The only thing that takes longer than packing boxes is unpacking them at your new location. To make the entire process easier, many people choose to move when the weather is nice.

There’s no doubt that there are plenty of benefits to moving in the spring, summer, and fall, but that doesn’t mean you should discount the possibility of a move in the winter. There are actually some very good reasons to pack your bags and move into a new home when the weather is cold.

  1. You’ll save money

Supply and demand dictate costs in the moving industry, as is the case in any other industry. Business for movers picks up in the spring, peaks in the summer, then eventually reduces down to almost nothing in the winter.

While demand is high, moving can be more expensive as companies attempt to take advantage of the influx of business. As the weather starts to get colder in September and October, you’ll likely see moving companies offer special deals on their services. Those deals are usually at their best in December, January, and February.

Make your move even cheaper by moving in the middle of the week and the middle of the month. By maximizing the power of your dollars in the winter, you can get the white glove service you would only dream of when moving other times throughout the year.

  1. There’s a lot less competition

This is a likely conclusion once you know winter is the slow season for moving companies. With less competition, prices are lower, but that’s not the only competition we’re talking about. If you’ve ever moved during the busy season in an urban area, you know how congested it can get.

If you’re moving during the summer on a weekend, you can bet you’ll be fighting with other moving trucks on the road. If you’re moving into an apartment or on a busy street, you likely won’t be the only truck in the area. Add to that the increased traffic during the warmer months, and you can see why moving in the summer can actually be a pain.

Adding storage to your moving plan? Storage facilities are busier than ever during the warmest months of the year. Don’t be surprised if you have to wait for someone to move their vehicle in order to get into your unit.

  1. You can worry less about your belongings

Hot temperatures aren’t kind to the things you have packed in your boxes. A professional moving company can help safeguard your belongings, but accidents happen. Especially if your boxes are packed inside a hot metal truck.

Items that can easily be destroyed by the heat include:

  • Vinyl records
  • Candles
  • Soap
  • Makeup
  • Food

If something does melt, it could take out the stuff it melts all over, which means even more of your belongings could get destroyed. In the winter, everything is perfectly preserved so you don’t have to worry about how long the movers are taking to get that box of collectible records off the truck.

Many people may avoid a move in the winter, but now you know better. By moving your stuff during the coldest months of the year, you can save time and money. You may never move in the summer again!

Posted by: mountainviewpm on November 15, 2017
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