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Check out These Cool Property Management Blogs

There are lots of great reasons to take the plunge and invest in a rental property. The trouble is, maintaining a rental property can be a lot of work! Fortunately, there are many others that have paved the way who can provide you with tons of invaluable information.

Whether you own and manage your own property or you manage property for others, these property management blogs are a must-see. Many of the topics on these blogs can be immensely helpful to renters too!

There’s no better place to start than They offer one of the most comprehensive blogs in the industry because each subtopic has its own list of articles. For example, learn why cash flow is more important than location on the real estate portion of the blog, or discover how to reduce your carbon footprint on the green blog.

Active Renter

Some of the best blogs come from those in the trenches. Active Renter offers property management services throughout Maricopa County in Arizona, so they know a thing or two about what it takes to keep a rental property in tip-top shape. Their blog is consistently updated with new topics that include ways to increase your cash flow and a massive list of 74 questions to ask your property manager.

Real Property Management

Just like Active Renter, Real Property Management is an actual property management company that provides franchise opportunities throughout the country. They have even been featured on Fox News! The great thing about their blog is that it tackles some of the important content that many other blogs overlook. Their blog breaks down topics by category and addresses things like how to organize your computer files and rental property tax forms.


When it comes to high-quality property management software, you may not find exactly what you’re looking for on a property management website. If you’re interested in software, in addition to general property management topics, check out the Propertyware blog. Not only do they offer insights into their software, like how to generate 1099-MISC forms in Propertyware, they also cover general topics like tenant screening decisions.

Multifamily Executive

Multifamily Executive may not offer direct services, but they provide nearly everything you need to know about managing a property on their website. They go in-depth on topics that you would only expect experts in the industry to understand, making them one of the most trusted sources on the internet. The blog covers interesting topics, like Airbnb and multifamily firms working together, but it also addresses specific market information, such as the 10 property markets that saw vacancy declines at the end of 2015.

Mark Juleen

It’s great to get your information from property management companies and software providers, but sometimes it’s nice to hear the latest information from a real person. Mark Juleen is the vice president of Marketing for J.C. Hart Apartment Communities in Indiana. He’s very passionate about apartment marketing. What makes his blog stand out from the others is that it is a video blog. His Marketing Minute series is especially popular.


Entrata offers services of their own, but they really shine as an information hub. There are definitely traditional blog articles and newsletters to check out, but what’s really interesting is that they offer a special webinar series. Learn about topics like online payments and resident retention by listening to the presenter and watching a slideshow presentation.

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